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Ain Soph Aur is a Hebrew word meaning limitless light; which is a phrase meaning Crown or God. Ain Soph Aur is a conceptual menswear line which seeks to inspire creativity, reflection, and manifesting reality. Influences/inspirations/themes that run through Ain Soph Aur consist of Mysticism, Architecture, Abstractionism, Religion, Surrealism, Minimalism, The Ocean, Absurdity, and many other things that come through intuition. Each collection is part of a greater concept; starting off as something as simple as just a word, causing a catalyst to form, creating a story with imagery and characters that wear the clothes. The clothes therefore become artifacts from the world created in the mind.

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A brand new box of crayons is magical. Half-used, broken crayons are often tossed aside. CrayonFawn brings new life to these old forgotten crayons in the form of cute fawn, roller skates, owls, bunnies and Abraham Lincoln head sculptures. The recycled crayons are melted down and then poured into a handmade mold in layers of various hues and shades into an experiment in color. Festive, unique, and always a party favorite, Cupcake Hats and other fun hats are a spin-off from the CrayonFawn brand. They make a prefect accessory for a costume or just to add a little flair when you’re going out dancing with your friends.

Hearts and Laserbeams is the wacky good-times art and design of Long Beach, California artist Steph Calvert. Striving to always make others smile and laugh, Steph teams up with robots, cupcakes, and stick people galore to show people art isn’t all about seriousness, missing ears, and deep thoughts, and that it can actually be a ton of fun.Hearts and Laserbeams also offers quality freelance graphic design services with 10 years of experience in print, apparel and web applications.

Steph Calvert
is a founding member of the Long Beach Craft Mafia, and is the indie craft blogger for local magazine OC Weekly, serving up weekly posts about all things crafty in the OC and beyond.

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Janice Sprenger is a crafty transplant from San Francisco. An avid crafter and mother of two, she believes every good wanderer needs a pouch. Janice has started development on WanderLove, a new line of smart hands-free pouches; she is more than ready to take it to the next level.

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A simple cup for every occasion is where it all started for Klai Brown.
An interest in creating a cup far from disposable but worth using for a lifetime. It seemed to Klai Brown that every moment however daily or mundane could be accompanied by a precious and whimsy inspiring object. What better object to focus on than the coffee cup which she nursed throughout the day.

Today kicking up dust in her little Lakewood studio is a favored pastime. Porcelain slip is dripped, peeled, and reconstructed to forming handmade original objects. Ranging from handcrafted porcelain pendants that adorn and decorate her recent line of jewelry. or a limited edition cup series, and occasionally she can me bribed into making simple and elegant dinner ware set.

Selected work is currently found at a handful of exclusive venues throughout California. Some locations include Fifth Floor Gallery, Martin Showroom, and the Orange County Museum of Art.

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Kelso Doesnt Dance is handbags and accessories, handmade for real life! That means everything is made to be functional as well as good looking, so Kelso makes sure all items are durable and have plenty of pockets so they can be put to good use. Kelso Doesnt Dance wallets are upcycled from old papers and into one of a kind wallets for everyday. Find them made of newspapers, road maps, atlases, dictionaries, bird watching and garden books. Kelso Doesnt Dance wallets, 3 sizes, 6 styles, each one unique!

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Liz Abbott left to go to school in San Francisco. While in SF, she joined some bands and worked various jobs, such as go-go dancing and making custom clothes for bands. After doing this for some time, she decided to move to NYC to finish her fashion design degree. Liz enrolled at FIT, and continued to break the rules by sneaking into 7th on 6th fashion week, participating in a renegade fashion show featuring the 7th on 6th crew. After graduation, Liz made like LL Cool J and went back to Cali. For the next 2 years she worked for various companies with animal logos in the American Spots Retail market. Realizing she wanted to get back to designing and making rock n roll clothes that she and her friends wore, she left the corporate world and Leatherette Heart was born….

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With a whipstitch here and a blanket stitch there, Lexi Lee can turn just about anything into an art project. Looking for a way to hide and cower behind her crafts, she created the alias “little bit”, under which she has found her stitch and rhyme. If you were to drop in on Lexi unannounced, chances are you’d find her engaged in one of the following activities: hand-binding a journal too precious to actually write in, sewing an adorable addition to her felt menagerie, or spontaneously crocheting the likeness of, say, a vegetable or a punk icon, When she isn’t selling her hand-crafted wares at local arts-and-crafts shows, Lexi usually hangs out in her garden where broccoli grows from sinks and flowers from fishbowls. All the “little bit” domain names were taken up, so you can find her at

Nikki Montoya is an L.A.-based designer and metalsmith that has crafted an eclectic collection of jewelry inspired by the past. Nikki learned the traditional art of goldsmithing while apprenticing from her father at his jewelry store in seal beach. In 2008 nikki launched her own bespoke jewelry collection; spotlighting one of a kind pieces that combine age-old techniques with her own contemporary vision.

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RADCo. jewelry is a direct reflection of, Los Angeles native, Jennifer
Martin, vast inspirations. Using classic, popular culture references including Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse, a love for obscure and esoteric topics like the Apocalypse, and inspiration derived from the legendary Coco Chanel, Martin plays with these influences in each piece she executes to create a uniquely "real and actual" concept.

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